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International Internship - ACMF Singapore

International Business Analyst Intern


We prefer talents in different countries staying in rural who have access to Internet Broadband. The goal is to bridge the disparity in income and opportunities between cities and rural areas.


Data Analytics

About us

ACMF is a group of international private capital-raising consulting firms cofounded by over 10 cofounders and shareholders based out of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand and the United Kingdom, with corporate experiences such as investment bank IPO submission, capital market IPO regulation, business advisory, incubator, venture capital, private equity, and climate movement. The cofounders had gone through over 10 successful IPOs during the corporate time and 2 tech unicorns. Why we started ACMF? It is about solving the "Taxi Driver Syndrome" of private enterprises and family businesses, the climate crisis, and improving world peace. Imagine driving your business like a taxi - constantly on the move, fueled by your own hustle, yet always teetering on the edge of viability. This is the unfortunate situation of many private enterprises and family businesses plagued by "Taxi Driver Syndrome." They're profitable but trapped in a cycle of unsustainable growth, relying solely on the founder's tireless efforts. Scaling up? Nearly impossible. Secure a lucrative exit? A distant dream. The tragedy lies not in the profits, but in the potential that remains untapped. Businesses with strong foundations like these deserve to thrive across generations. Yet, the lack of "Generations Proof" planning - building systems and structures that outlast the founder - condemns them to a frustrating endgame: closure or a fire-sale exit. The climate crisis is going to affect the lives of more than 3 billion people. The gravity of the issue could be about their life and death. Due to the emerging economic power of the East and the different ideology from the West, the chance of war that potentially ends the human civilization becomes higher compared to decades ago. We live in a world where progress hinges on the well-being of everyone. But this shared future requires a symphony of diverse efforts: business owners, investors, regulators, and talented individuals. When these elements work together in harmony, we unlock synergistic progress, driving positive change that endures. However, discord can be just as potent as collaboration. A fractured ecosystem can lead to destructive rivalry and self-defeating stagnation. This is where we see our role: as architects of collaboration, building bridges between these key players and orchestrating a world-changing performance. Imagine a future where business thrives in a responsible and sustainable way, where investors empower innovation with purpose, where regulators guide with wisdom, and where talent flourishes in a fair and equitable environment. This is the future we strive for, and we believe that it is within reach through synergistic collaboration. 

Core Values

At ACMF, we believe in putting our customers first. Our every action is geared towards helping our customers solve problems and achieve their business goals with efficiency and effectiveness. We understand that the world presents challenges, and resources may not always be unlimited. Yet, we embrace a positive outlook, focusing on what can be achieved while acknowledging what lies beyond our reach. We are progressive in our approach, going beyond the immediate scope to conquer goals despite challenges and uncertainties. We prioritize wisely, avoiding distractions that don't align with our mandate. Empathy is central to who we are. We are mindful of others' situations, treating everyone with the respect and understanding we desire ourselves. We recognize the power of collaboration and sensitivity, acknowledging both strengths and weaknesses in ourselves and others. These core values – customer focus, positivity, progressiveness, empathy, and respect – are the foundation of our success. They guide our actions, foster collaboration, and ultimately drive us to deliver exceptional value to our customers.

About the Internship

Involved in research and development of new business analytic tools.

Benefits of the Internship

The intern(s) will have access to international projects in private capital raising for high-growth companies.


The latest tools in data collection, analysis, modelling and visualisation.

To Apply

Please submit your resume, relevant qualification(s), and why are you applying for this internship to

(note: only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted). 

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