Testimonials from MBA & Bachelor's Degree Students

Personal Banker, Tricia Gan, “Mr. Lewis Chong is one of the most inspiring lecturers that I’ve ever met. He is a great motivator. His classes are exciting due to his unconventional way of delivering his lecturers. He encourages two-way communication and always stimulates active interaction during the lecture. It is common for him to throw us mind-blowing questions to encourage us to think and to trust our very first instinct. Words will never enough to express how grateful I am to have met a person like him in my life. I believe Mr. Lewis is an asset in any company, in any industry.”


“Indeed to meet you have been a blessing. I have always tried to listen and observe carefully what, why and how and when you do anything or speak just to make sure I learn more than the rest and I did learn to large magnitude. I truly appreciate all the work you have done to improve our knowledge and wisdom.”

MBA student, Elisafi Willson Mshigati, Tanzania.


“Mr. Lewis Chong is a fun lecturer. I really enjoy his lectures very much. He has combined his working experience with the academic theories very well.

He has helped me to gain in-depth understanding of the applications of the theories.”

MBA student, Shamsuddeen Babangida Umar, Nigeria.


“In my opinion, he is a knowledgeable and interesting lecturer. I’m not only learned a lot of theories and knowledge from his lectures, I also gained from the sharing of his interesting personal experiences. He has benefited me beyond education; he has equipped me to be a great entrepreneur.

I am very confident that all his students have benefited from his knowledge and wisdom. I highly recommend him to any university that is fortunate to engage his service.”

MBA student, Yang Xilun, (Group Human Resource Manager, Neusoft, ShenYang, China).


“He provides new and different learning experience from other lecturers. Mr. Lewis has achieved holistic learning as well as problem based learning in his teaching. He trained me stress handle for studies and after studies. He uses lots of ‘Wow effect’ which really improve and enhance my knowledge. He often prompts me to think and answer from my first thought, unveil my very own sincere and creative ideas.

Mr. Lewis Chong is one of the best lecturers in the university. He doesn’t mind spend more time in finding more material to get to our understanding. He until now willing to give advice to my studies, employment, and plans even though he is after work and not lecturing me anymore.

The course was really suits him as a lecturer to teach us because he has in-depth working experience and knowledge in international business. These experiences were quite recent and latest which other lecturers could not provide these in so lively, that’s really make the class interesting.

I am really fortunate to have him as my lecturer. I learned a lot of useful theories and knowledge about international business from him. He has also helped me to perform well in the subject and other subjects. I’d call him a ‘talent trigger’ as he triggered my mind to accept, focus and appreciate uncertainty widely.

All in all, I believe his wealth of knowledge and experience will be beneficial to any student in the courses that he teaches.”

Bachelor’s Degree student, Chui Tack Yin, (Product Marketing, Online Gaming).


"Mr Lewis is one of the outstanding lecturers that I have been fortunate enough to learn from. His insights on international business, coupled with his determination to bring out the best from within his students really impressed me. I strongly believe that his sense of professionalism, broad knowledge in matters related to international affairs as well as his earnest desire to deliver effective and innovative business solutions will most certainly enable his clients to attain their goals. Without a doubt, I would strongly recommend him to any organisation which might require his skills." Wong Yan Kee, Bachelor of International Business (Hons).