The Inspiring Figure

Pitipat Lee (Thailand), “The Inspiring Figure.  He...Mr. Lewis Chong is one of these special individuals who has an exceptional character that immediately sets him apart from the rest as ‘a natural leader’. He commands respect straight away from whoever he is in contact or work with because of his unique set of qualities:  

Firstly, Mr. Lewis is focused…

It is hard enough to figure out how to get work-life balance right when you have one job but, Mr. Lewis has to juggle multiple jobs. As exhausting as it may sound, he never once loses sight of what he is doing or hoping to succeed. In addition, I have been impressed and surprised by his immense level of determination and professionalism when I attended his lectures. You can tell by the fact that he has a proven track record during a success-laden career that spans more than 18 years.    

Secondly, he is not a perfectionist but a charismatic person…

He does not intimidate those around him but, he is always there to encourage and instil confidence in you to go on and ultimately achieve many great things in your life whether it is academic or future success. He proven to be an effective communicator who always gets his messages across and have everyone to sing to the same tune. His teaching methods are very practical and innovative. He knows how to get the very best out of you as he is a great motivator. I like the way how he chooses to structure his dialogue or speech in each situation- he is great with words and as a result, he is very well liked by his students and peers.

Finally, he pays a lot of attention to details…

He always makes sure that what he is teaching is relevant and up-to-date. He does not leave anything to chances as he often seeks to find the latest thinking and references on the subjects he teaches in order to enhance our learning experience. He is a top-notch lecturer.   

I appreciate what he has taught me as a mentor and also as a lecturer. He has been truly inspirational and I reckon that he would definitely be an asset to any organization. Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to express my utmost gratitude to Mr. Lewis Chong.”