My Mentor

Jovey Lee, Managing Director of Beans Group, “Have you walked to a market where more than one stores selling the same item? If you purchased from one of them, perhaps these were in your mind. Product, Price, Professionalism, Friendliness, and etc. If Lewis were one of the storekeepers, you would have likely bought from him. And here is why...

I always find Lewis a smart, rational and objective professional. His ability to project his professionalism and friendship made me want to do business with him. Most sales are done partly due to the product and partly relationship, especially an enterprise sales that involves months to close. Lewis is able to mentor sales personnel to dissect a sales process. Turning that into measurable steps and stitch them back together again. It’s an insight where most sales personnel do not like to go through because sometimes it is embarrassed or even hurt to know the truth on the flaw of their own selling skill. The truth is that most great sales personnel has their own ego.

Being my mentor, Lewis does not have answer for all my obstacles. But he certainly is my trusted wingman to listen, understand and explore possibilities together.”


About Jovey & Beans Group

Before started Beans Group, Jovey was the Sales Director of a few leading American multinational technology corporations with revenue more than USD20Billions per annum. Jovey continues his remarkable success at Beans. Beans Group is one of the most reputable companies developing world-class solutions namely Component Based Java Development based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Business Process Management (BMP), Enterprise Commerce Portal, Application Test Management and Content Management. The company has received many awards and recognitions from the industries. Just to name a few; IBM Top Contributor for Independent Software Vendor 2004, Channel Asia Magazine – “Asia Pacific’s 50 Most Dynamic Channel Companies”, “Giga” Gold Medal & Silver Medal for excellence in the area of Knowledge Management 2005,  IBM Innovation Award 2007, The Asian Banker Technology Implementation Awards 2010 and many others. You can find out more details of Beans Group at http://beans.com.my