Generating Higher Revenue

Rebecca Choong, Premier Distributor of Riway International Group (Purtier Placenta), "I am glad to have engaged the training and advisory services of Lewis Chong. TMOS SALES MODEL has helped us to validate our hypothesis and it significantly improve our chance of generating higher revenue. Furthermore, it offers a solid foundation for us to maximize the performance of our salespeople, business partners and distributors."


About Riway International Group

Founded in July 2008, RIWAY International, a homegrown brand from Singapore, is a direct selling enterprise, which provides a platform for enterprising distributors to materialize their dreams and goals.

RIWAY provide everybody with the opportunity to become confident and healthy by advocating loyalty and respect towards self and others and instilling values such as social harmony and stability. In addition, RIWAY provides them with a platform to acquire a stable and sustainable income through RIWAY Network Programme and our high quality products.

RIWAY strives to improve the community’s well-being by the attainment of market superiority and trust through a relentless pursuit of knowledge and technological excellence. Till now, RIWAY has expanded globally to countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand. This rapid growth serves as a strong testament of customers' trust and faith in the product quality of RIWAY.