Interviewed by Mr. Lim Wing Hooi (StarBiz 19 October 2015): "Lewis Chong Chee Meng used his time as a lecturer to develop a business analysis model that reportedly removes emotional bias and helps companies increase sales.."


Testimonial from Dr. Albert Kow (PhD), President/CEO of ESD Consulting Group, USA and Group Managing Director of TAKO

Dr. Albert Kow (PhD), “I am pleased that my companies have engaged the services of Lewis Chong. He has magnificent knowledge and experience in sales and business development. He has provided our company great insight on innovative ways to increase revenue and monetise our existing inventions and assets. With the confidence we have in Lewis, we have increased the contract size of his consulting and coaching services within 4 months. We are definitely looking forward to a long term partnership with him.” 


About Dr. Albert

Dr. Albert Kow is the President/CEO of ESD Consulting Group, USA and Group Managing Director of an established Group of Companies which have more than 35 years of experience in the ESD (Static Control) product businesses. As a iNARTE* Certified ESD Engineer (USA), Dr. Albert regularly delivers seminars and talks on ESD subjects throughout the ASEAN and the neighboring countries. 

Dr. Albert has invented a new unique static control product and submitted more than 20 patent applications in static control (ESD) field providing opportunities for manufacturing house to upgrade and cut ESD control cost and providing business enterprises to profit from the sale of such novel ESD products. 

Dr. Albert is also a common figure in the newspapers, trade magazines, and speakers in conferences in Europe, South Korea, and Singapore.

Testimonial from Mr. Kent Lee, General Manager of C.S. Alloy Design

Mr. Kent Lee, General Manager of C.S. Alloy Design Sdn Bhd, "Prior engaging Lewis Chong, we had experienced one of the worst performance in the history of business. He condensed his energy to transform the business to the positive direction, restoring the soul of the business, and foster positives values, culture and strategies into the company. His extraordinary passion, characteristic and insights make him a great leader. We can feel his intense energy all the time while he chairs meeting. Having him with us, we just have to relax and focus!"

About C.S. Alloy Design Sdn Bhd

Established in 1991, C. S. Alloy Design (M) Sdn Bhd has since earned its name as a reputable metal design company for bringing professionalism into this traditional business instilling the old backyard livelihood with vital elements of design and technical knowledge. Our capacity not only won us many commercial projects, we are also the choice of many tasteful home owners. 

Testimonial from Ms. Prudence Loh, Executive Chef of Notti Cheff

Prudence Loh, Executive Chef of Notti Cheff, “I had always thought my private dining business is destined to remain small but spending 3 hours with Lewis, with him reviewing my business and made me realise I can bring my business of unique dining experience to global level. He gave me solid suggestions on how to market my services to the right target and suggested timelines in order to meet my goals. To date, I have increased my client database 100% and have been given media exposure on both local and regional dailies. This is one of the best three hours I have ever spent. I would highly recommend Lewis' consultation services for those who would want to increase their sales turnover by more than 30%.” 




Advocate to the Malaysia's private dining chefs and their home made gourmet products, through dinner events, cooking demonstrations, workshops and sampling sessions. The Notti Chef believes in educating the public on fresh and quality ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. Food connects people, so let it be good food to connect good people. You can find out more details of NOTTI CHEF at www.notttichef.com

Testimonial from MBA student, XiaoJing, China. 

“Lewis Chong是一个与众不同的老师,耐心,热情,浑身散发着温暖的气息。以帮助学生更快乐的学习,享受生活为主要目标,并且时常鼓励学生思考,创新,并进行深入学习,是一位负责,有魅力的老师。

Lewis Chong 具有很多优秀的品质,这些品质对成为一名优秀的教育工作者起到很关键的作用,比如说耐心,知识面广,善于诱导学生思考,鼓励创新,支持并能包容学生的想法。以我的两位优秀的同学来说,一个来自非洲,另一个来自中国,两个人思维独特且各具特色,每当Lewis Chong 讲解到一个案例,需要大家辩论的时候,他们两个人常常能提出相反的论据支持各自的论点,从而引发大战,Lewis Chong很鼓励这种不同思维的碰撞,他鼓励我们向他们学习,建立自己独特的思维体系,并勇于坚持自己的观点。每次上课前,都会很有爱的发邮件提醒,并在每节课后及时的发送课件,乐于与学生交流沟通。

在一定意义上,Lewis Chong 改变了我的生活,对我有很深的影响。因为有Lewis Chong这样一位老师的存在,让我更坚信老师是一个很有意义且神圣的职业。其他职业,如医生,他虽然能帮助病人缝合伤口,但对于病人的心灵,却没有太大的影响。但老师不同,这是一个触碰心灵的职业,帮助学生建立自信,鼓励学生活在当下,帮助学生成长。Lewis Chong 说过,每一部电影都有一个共同的特点,那就是成长。成长是一件欢乐与痛苦并存的事情,如果在困惑期,人生的转折点上能遇见一个好老师,对每个人来说,都是件可遇而不可求的事。而我很幸运的,在最后一个学期遇上了Lewis Chong 。遇上他的时候,正处于忙论文和找工作的时候,每天忙的焦头烂额,同时也因看不见未来的发展而迷茫。但他适时的点醒了我,“follow your heart”这是他最常说的,享受当下的一切,跟随你的心。当迷茫时,关照自己的内心,答案就会浮现,也会明白,当下的苦难都是为了帮助你完成你自己,感谢上苍赐予的一切,欣然接受,并鼓起勇气接受它,享受它。这些都是从Lewis Chong 身上学到的,他的淡然,笃定,坚持,自信,果敢,让我也走上了教育这条道路,我希望能成为一个像Lewis Chong 那样温暖的人,永远都在传递积极的能量,鼓励学生发现并完善自我,以帮助她们成长为终身使命。

最后,我很感激上天在那段迷茫的时候派来了Lewis Chong 这个老师,并强烈推荐这位老师,Lewis Chong 绝对会成为一位伟大的人类灵魂工程师,他永远都会做到最好,不会让学校,学生,家长失望!”

MBA student, XiaoJing, China. 

Testimonial from Mr. Jovey Lee, Managing Director of Beans Group

Jovey Lee, Managing Director of Beans Group, “Have you walked to a market where more than one stores selling the same item? If you purchased from one of them, perhaps these were in your mind. Product, Price, Professionalism, Friendliness, and etc. If Lewis were one of the storekeepers, you would have likely bought from him. And here is why...

I always find Lewis a smart, rational and objective professional. His ability to project his professionalism and friendship made me want to do business with him. Most sales are done partly due to the product and partly relationship, especially an enterprise sales that involves months to close. Lewis is able to mentor sales personnel to dissect a sales process. Turning that into measurable steps and stitch them back together again. It’s an insight where most sales personnel do not like to go through because sometimes it is embarrassed or even hurt to know the truth on the flaw of their own selling skill. The truth is that most great sales personnel has their own ego.

Being my mentor, Lewis does not have answer for all my obstacles. But he certainly is my trusted wingman to listen, understand and explore possibilities together.”


About Jovey & Beans Group

Before started Beans Group, Jovey was the Sales Director of a few leading American multinational technology corporations with revenue more than USD20Billions per annum. Jovey continues his remarkable success at Beans. Beans Group is one of the most reputable companies developing world-class solutions namely Component Based Java Development based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Business Process Management (BMP), Enterprise Commerce Portal, Application Test Management and Content Management. The company has received many awards and recognitions from the industries. Just to name a few; IBM Top Contributor for Independent Software Vendor 2004, Channel Asia Magazine – “Asia Pacific’s 50 Most Dynamic Channel Companies”, “Giga” Gold Medal & Silver Medal for excellence in the area of Knowledge Management 2005,  IBM Innovation Award 2007, The Asian Banker Technology Implementation Awards 2010 and many others. You can find out more details of Beans Group at http://beans.com.my 

Participants from more than 6 countries

Training and coaching of TMOS Sales Model to participants of more than 6 countries. More than 80% of the trainees are Russian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, China, Thai and Egyptian. There was a lot of fun.

Probably one day my training & coaching will consist of trainees from 20 different countries. That will be super fun.

Testimonial from Mr. Kevin Ho, Group Director, Business Development of JAMES KING GROUP

Kevin Ho, Group Director, Business Development, JAMES KING GROUP (Singapore | Malaysia | Indonesia | China | Australia | Vietnam), "We were pleased to engage Lewis for his transformation program. The program benefited our company tremendously. It identified areas and strategies to grow our group of companies exponentially. We are amazed that he is capable to achieve this within a short period of time and we certainly look forward to engage his services for the long term."

About James King Group

James King Group is an integrated design and build group of companies that specializes in delivering high-quality commercial retail projects. The companies have delivered projects in South East Asia, China, Australia, the Middle East and Europe. The companies have supported international brands such as Britney Spears, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Charles & Keith, Davidoff, Dior, DKNY, Giorgio Armani, GUESS, Guy Laroche, H&M, ISETAN, Jennifer Lopez, Lancome, L’occitane, Longchamp, L’oreal Paris, Molton Brown, Paris Hilton, Pedro, Swatch, Timberland, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, and many others.

Testimonial from Madam Norlia Abdullah, CEO of H5 Food

Norlia Abdullah, CEO of H5 Food, “Through my journey in business and academia, I have come across many business consultants and business models but not many impressed me either because their models are not practical or not comprehensive enough. However, Lewis Chong and his TMOS SALE MODEL have achieved both. He is able to identify and advise on specific areas where my business can grow aggressively and systematically. They helped my teams and me to monetise what we already have; without incurring additional capital investment. I will strongly recommend TMOSSALES MODEL and Lewis to businesses that are ambitious to achieve great results.”


About H5 Food Industries Sdn Bhd

H5 Food provides contract manufacturing & help food business owners to convert traditional processes to standardized & duplicable modern system with less resources (such as labor, space, time & capital ). 
H5 Food is specialized in manufacturing of shelf stable food in flexible packaging namely
 1. Meal Ready To Eat (Cream of Mushroom Soup, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Seafood Konyaku Noodle etc).
2. Meal Ready to Use (Curry Paste & Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce, Sambal Tumis Sauce, marinades, Toppings, Salad Dressings etc).
3. Customized Salad Dressing & Marinades.
4. Fillings & Toppings We also manufacture Nutraceutical products in powdered and tablet form such as fortified goat milk candy, fortified cereal beverages etc.

Testimonial from Mr. Alvin Gan, founder of GCJ Construction Company

Alvin Gan, founder of GCJ Construction Company, “I am very grateful with the training and coaching of Lewis pertaining his TMOS Sales Model. The model has guided me to identify the next areas of growth. It has provided me the solution on how to grow my revenue and profit systematically. I am full of confidence and motivation after the session with Lewis. With years of business development experience in diverse industries, Lewis has skillfully pointed out multiple perspectives to grow my business. He is certainly a great investment for companies intend to grow their business.”


About GCJ Construction Company

GCJ Construction Company is one of the reputable construction companies in Malaysia specializing in building construction, renovation and interior design. The company is known for its excellent quality and superior workmanship since 2004.

Testimonial from Mr. Richard Skin Chua, Music Composer/Producer/Arranger of SUPER RED MUSIC

Richard Skin Chua, Music Composer/Producer/Arranger of SUPER RED MUSIC, "

Lewis Chong came by to Super Red Music to share how TMOS Sales Model can basically help Super Red Music to achieve additional growth and to strengthen our Brand in the industry.

My business partner and I were very impressed on how Lewis helped us to see certain qualities and strength that we have already processed, but yet, never use it to position our Brand to benefit us to gain more business. Lewis also helped Super Red Music to develop a sales process that is both systematic and effective. I, personally like to recommend Lewis and his TMOS Sales Model to any companies that want to see extraordinary growth in their sales revenue systematically, aggressively and effectively. Thank you Lewis Chong!" 




SUPER RED MUSIC is a Recording and Audio Post Production Studio set-up to meet your end-to-end production needs. If you can think it, they'll put the sound to it. Whether that sound comes in the form of music, voice or effects, SuperReD will take what's in your mind into your potential listener's ears. They are a Recording and Audio Post Production Studio set-up to meet your end-to-end production needs.

Together, They've worked for more than 20 years on commercials, sound-design, jingles, corporate songs, albums, songs and movie soundtracks for established names, brands and artistes & record labels in the industry: 


Agencies and Production Houses

Hakuhodo, Batey Ads, McCann Eriksson, Leo Burnett, Lowe Lintas, Dentsu Young & Rubicam, Euro RSGC, Classic Film, NHF Productions, Film Stage, Mind Bender, Krakatua, 701 Pages, 3rd-Rock Creations, People and Rich and Ogilvy & Mather.



Dunhill, Marlboro, BMW, Ponds, L'Oreal, Telekom Malaysia, the Malaysian Ministry Of Transport, BP Petrol, Biore, Vono, Aeon Jusco, Shell, Astro, Panasonic, Hyundai, Peugeot, Toyota Hilux, Giant,Pizza Hut, Chicken Rice Shop, Famous Amos, Milo, Vitagen, Rubine, MyEg, Kapal Api, Mi Sedap, Suzuki, Intimate, Sharp Aquos, Cingkus (Nikelodeon Cartoon Network), Public Bank, DIGI, KFC, Maxis.



Casey, Francesca Peters, Sheila Majid, Zainal Abidin, Anita Sarawak, Rahim Maarof, Wings, Badri, the late Teresa Teng, Seha, Brian Gomez, Manhand, Day Dream, DJ Luke and Nick Ng (988.8fm), Amir Yusuf, Davy Chan, Ghost Style (24 Herbs), Softlipa, Alex San, Cheng Kam Cheong, Desiree Tan, K6 group

Testimonial from Datuk Kelvin Kwek, Executive Chairman of Nextstream

Datuk Kelvin Kwek, Executive Chairman of Nextstream, “Lewis Chong has provided a training on “Strategy Formulation to Grow Business Innovatively” to our senior management team including the CEO, CTO, HR Manager, Technical Manager and Operation Manager. The training with Lewis Chong is invaluable. It has provided us great insight about growing our business creatively and the elements one needs to understand to do that. He possesses excellent sales and business expertise, and convey information in a professional manner. He is a wise investment to any company that is seeking ways to grow its business.”


About Nexstream

Nexstream is a solution provider specializes in mobile & cloud technologies capable of supporting all mobile platforms namely Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. The company has delivered many reputable projects such as Great Eastern mobile apps, Lelong.my mobile apps, UNI Cablink mobile apps, Chef (Astro) mobile apps, and more than 100 others. 

Please go to http://www.nexstream.com.my/ to get more details about Nexstream.


Datuk Kelvin Kwek was covered by BFM 89.9 (The Business Station), http://www.bfm.my/open-for-business-nextstream-datuk-kelvin-kwek.html

Testimonial from Mr. Er Chong Yee, Business Partner of Grenedge Technology

Er Chong Yee, Business Partner of Grenedge Technology Sdn Bhd, “We had been trying many methods to grow our company revenues until we met Lewis. Within a day he pointed out where we could focus on to win most profitable deals with minimal effort aka to identify the low hanging fruits. We appreciate his support. We strong recommend Lewis to companies intend to grow their sales revenue and profit.’ 


GrenEdge Technology Sdn. Bhd. is an IT company with proficiency in IT Solutions and Consultancy, IT infrastructure and Professional Services GrenEdge Technology Sdn. Bhd. was established in year 2009. GrenEdge is well known for its superior services in Data Migration, Infra Development & Set Up, Back Up & Recovery Solution, and supplying IBM hardwares to multinational companies. You can find out more details of GRENEDGE TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD at www.grenedge.com

Testimonial from GM Tan, founder of Messrs GM Tan & Company (Advocates & Solicitors)

GM Tan, founder of Messrs GM Tan & Company, “Lewis' half day consultation at our firm, Messrs GM Tan & Company on 2.01.2018 was simply fruitful. We observed that Lewis spent a lot of time on market research, client satisfaction intelligence & business intelligence to advice us. We were delighted with the results of his preparation, information, intelligence & delivery. 

Never have we received so much that we found ourselves with breakthroughs in attitude, architecture, spirit & mindset. We look forward to more experiences with Lewis in executing our vision to higher business intelligence. Lewis comes highly recommended.”


About GM Tan & Company (Advocates & Solicitors)

GM Tan & Company (Advocates & Solicitors) is an advocate of justice and harmony. They offer tailor-to-fit legal solutions for their corporate clients. They are currently the Malaysian office for the European based legal network of Legal Skills EEIG and have won a number of international awards being a business law firm like APAC Insider Boutique Law Firm of the year for their Legal Awards 2016.

Testimonial from Mr. Victor Lee, General Manager of Healthcon

Victor Lee, General Manager of Healthcon, "I have known Mr. Lewis Chong for more than 10 years. He is a magnificent sales trainer and sales coach. He has coached our salespeople to improve their ability to struck meaningful conversation with customers, build rapport with the key decision-makers and increase their sales performance. The benefits of his training and coaching are beyond the sales teams. He also provided us magnificent tools to manage our company. My colleagues and I should have engaged his services many years ago. He can definitely help your business to increase the top line."



About Healthcon

It is one of the leading companies in the disciple of healthcare product such as CSSD, Dialysis, Anesthesia, Cardiology, Endoscope, Obstetrics and Gynecology. The company has more than 16 years of experience in supporting reputable hospitals, medical centers and specialists in Malaysia. 

Testimonial from Mr. Lew Ngai Kiong, Managing Director of YCL Precision

Managing Director, YCL Precision, Lew Ngai Kiong, “We have engaged the service of Lewis Chong to provide us a training during our annual team building. I am glad to share that our company has benefited from Lewis’s training. He has seamlessly combined MBA methodologies, implementation practices and his business experience into the training. He is knowledgeable, passionate and an excellent trainer. Highly recommend him to company wish to improve its performance."



About YCL Precision

YCL has more than 18 years in precision custom machining services. The company has built strong reputation as Swiss Screw Custom Machining specialist. The factory is located at Kluang, Johor. You can get more details of YCL at http://www.yclprecision.com/

Testimonial from Mr. Kevin Liu, CEO of AIMS Select

Kevin Liu, CEO of AIMS Select Sdn Bhd, “Lewis is sharp when analyzing a business. His TMOS SALES MODEL is a great tool. Both have shown me effective ways to grow my business through effective management of my internal resources and go to market strategy.”


About Kevin Liu

Kevin is an extraordinary individual who brings life and vibrant to any organizations he goes to. He has 11 years of experience in telecommunications industry in USA and Malaysia. He held key positions such as Marketing Director and Head of Sales. Prior to AIMS SELECT, he was in Maxis Berhad.

Testimonial from Mr. Peter Coleman

Peter Coleman, an entrepreneur with 40 years in music, sound production, directing, writing, 3D and VFX pioneer in Australia, “"My recent "bulletproofing" session with Lewis was an eye opener and incredibly valuable. On a personal level, Lewis is as passionate about helping emerging businesses to succeed as I am about our product. What he's achieved in this one session is change my perspective, give me personal focus and the skills to move ahead with more confidence, greater knowledge of how to pitch, and focus the business plans and ambitions to suit an investor for each stage of our development path. His methodology is sound, easy to follow, and gives me the solid foundation to success. I highly recommend Lewis to anyone who, like me, has been trying to build a dream, but needs mentoring and guidance to finally achieve that dream.” 

Testimonial from Ms. Tricia Gan, co-founder of Sprizy

Co-founder of Sprizy, Tricia Gan, “Mr. Lewis Chong is one of the most inspiring lecturers that I’ve ever met. He is a great motivator. His classes are exciting due to his unconventional way of delivering his lecturers. He encourages two-way communication and always stimulates active interaction during the lecture. It is common for him to throw us mind-blowing questions to encourage us to think and to trust our very first instinct. Words will never enough to express how grateful I am to have met a person like him in my life. I believe Mr. Lewis is an asset in any company, in any industry.”

Testimonial from Mr. Ian Thai, co-founder of Regionalize Tenant Management

Ian Thai, co-founder of Regionalize Tenant Management, “TMOS Sales Model is one of most important for an entrepreneur to know and impalement the key sales performance especially a new company. We have lots of idea but not all idea and procedure is suitable to market. By understand own business modal, procedure and client requirement thru TMOS Sales Model, it help us to simplified unnecessary procedure and focus what create or bring result to company. I strongly recommend it to those who have a lot of idea to start up a company to screen thru your idea thru TMOS Sales Model. It help business owner to reduce investment risk”.

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