Excellent Feedback

Topic: Growing Revenue and Profit Systematically, presented by Lewis to Vistage VEE-20


I am pleased to have the opportunity to present TMOS Sales Model to Vistage; a reputable organization bringing together successful CEOs, executives and business owners into private peer advisory groups and guided by expert executive coaches since 1957. In front of me were more than ten successful and talented individuals who are holding key position such as Chief Executive Officer, Director, Founder, General Manager or Managing Director.  I am honored to receive such a generous feedbacks from them.  Average Grade 8.8 (means Commendably High Score), it is merely 0.2 short of 9.0 (very good or as near perfect as it can get). These are short feedbacks but they truly warmed my heart. 


“Real case studies; very likeable personality; very knowledgeable; clear explanation. Awesome!”


“Explain very clearly. Interact with us. Know the product very well. Clear slide show.”


“Experience in sales and knowledgeable.”


“Practical experience/delivery. Great take home.”


“Good speaker and explanation very practical.”


“Strong domain knowledge in sales strategy.  Great delivery.”


“Experience. Practical advice. Implementable service.”


“Able to simplify the sales process in more systematic way.”


“Humor, lively, knowledge.”