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ACMF Circular Economy

Supporting your circular economy journey through strategy and business transformation 

A system reset to the business landscape is in the horizon. Disruptive change is accelerating as the world comes to terms with the effects of climate change, technological revolution, societal expectations and the shock of global pandemics.


Businesses are no longer expected to sit on the side benches of these matters. Large global players are already bringing leadership to these expectations and regulatory action is brewing.  


This is a defining period for businesses, large and small. It will separate those who thrive from those who disappear. So what can you do to be on the right side of the divide? 


Circular economy is the game changer.

An opportunity

for new growth

The circular economy represents a
$4.5 trillion global growth opportunity by 2030. Private equity funds with circular economy focus grew 6 folds in first eight months of 2020 amounting to $2 billion assets managed. 

A disruption to

Changing needs of big businesses on suppliers and vendors for circularity.

Growing regulatory and market pressure by large markets such as Europe and China to meet climate ambitions and sustainable consumption and production.

A chance to build back better for people and planet

Address the climate crisis by tackling 45% of global carbon emissions from products and food that is often overlooked. Build a resilient future in post-pandemic recovery while restoring and regenerating nature through circular principles.

What is the Circular Economy? 

The circular economy is a restorative and regenerative economic model by design. It is about designing out waste, keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible at their highest value, and regenerating natural ecosystems. It is a profound shift away from the 'take-make-dispose' model of today's linear economy.


Every second, one garbage truck of textiles are landfilled or burned globally. Every year, 95% or $80-120 billion worth of plastic packaging material value is lost to the economy and 8 million tonnes of plastic leak into our oceans. Each year, the linear nature of modern food production results in $5.7 trillion lost of value globally. The linear economy is full of wasted opportunities.

Circular economy is about 'doing more good' instead of just 'doing less harm'. It is a systemic change that is changing the business ecosystem for good and its adoption is gaining momentum.   

How will it benefit business?

Through adopting circular principles, your business could:

  • create additional revenue from existing materials and assets

  • capture value through innovation of new products and services 

  • reduce operating costs

  • be ahead of the regulatory curve

  • foster stronger relationships with customers and employees

  • differentiate from competition

  • identify opportunities for deeper value chain relationships

  • attract more investment

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Circular Economy is already here. Are you?

Navigating the rapidly developing ecosystem of circular economy can be confusing and intimidating especially when times are tough. Getting your strategy right and moving into the position in time to take advantage of this wave will determine who survives the change and who does not. 

How can we help?

ACMF Circular Economy provides last-mile consulting services to SMEs in their journey towards greater resilience, profits, and sustainability in a rapidly changing environment in the area of circular economy. We believe that companies large and small all have a place in the circular economy and can transition well with the right strategy, measures and support.


ACMF CE provides consulting and advisory services to help our clients understand and capture value in the circular economy, including transformation of the business modelACMF CE also provides certification to SMEs on their efforts and their additional commitment to the circular economy. 

Our talents brings years of experience in business strategy and development, fund raising, mergers and acquisitions, policy and regulatory development as well as the circular economy to ensure that our clients have the upper hand.


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