About Lewis Chong

Over 20 years of experience


I have invested more than 20 years in tasks which I enjoy much. Those are important accountabilities surrounding growing sales revenue, customer base, profit margin and helping company to be investible namely sales, sales management, business development, business coaching, executive coaching, business strategy consulting, lecturing MBA & Bachelor’s Degree programs. Thankfully, many of my works received recognitions and testimonials from my clients, students and friends. I have listed some of the testimonials on my website (http://www.tmosrevenuemodel.com/#!testimonial---monetize-the-existing-asse/c1fyq).


Besides my beloved Malaysia, I have helped companies to export their product, services and software solutions to overseas markets such as Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, Laos, Cambodia, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Each has imprinted fond memory in me in their unique manners.


My hallmark strength is growing revenue, customer base, and profit margin systematically irrespective of the products, services or solutions. Or different nature of companies. It is the main reason I was hired by companies of diverse industries selling different products/services/solutions such as telecommunication services (voice & data), research, go-to-market services, financial services, office automation, medical packaging, semiconductor antistatic products & solutions, medical equipment, Telco/Celco software solutions, enterprise software solutions, 3G/4G access devices, mobile & cloud solutions, mining products, precision custom machining services, weighing systems & billing solution, building construction services, renovation services and etc.  I am honored to have the opportunity to support companies of different size namely multinational companies, large enterprises and medium enterprises.


I have worked hard to earn my professional degree in Business Management (UK) and my Master of Business Administration major in International Management (Australia). With the passion and wish to be the best coach and consultant I was motivated to get my accreditation in Recruitment and Employee Development (Harrison Assessments, USA), and certification of Train the Trainer by Malaysia government agency namely HRDF or PSMB. 

It is common to witness enterprises poor of revenue model that is specific, systematic and flexible enough to cover different products/services/solutions and monetization scenarios. It is mainly because the revenue model developed earlier is no longer useful due to the changes of market elements such as technology, customer’s preferences, regulation, economy, and competitors’ strategy. Coupled with emotional bias of the management it is tricky and mindboggling when trying to answer THE SIMPLE QUESTION, “how to increase revenue and profit of my product/services/solutions systematically?” It has to be addressed sufficiently before inviting financial consultant or external investors to invest capital in the company. Therefore it is no longer a surprise so many companies failed their financial milestones.


To help companies to grow sales revenue and profit systematically, and be investible;

I developed TMOS Revenue Model. It is suitable for business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) and consumer-to-consumer (C2C). It is not meant to replace any existing business model or strategy, it is the missing puzzle to make everything works more synergistically.