ACMF was cofounded by more than ten impact-driven co-founders from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom after its first formation in 2017. We focus on UN SDG Goal 8, decent work and economic growth, and UN SDG Goal 13, Climate Action.


The co-founders have experience in more than ten successful IPO (Initial Public Offerings), successful fundraising projects of more than USD4billion, and supported more than 55 industries. 


We have consolidated our experiences and methods we have used in capital market regulation, investment banks, private equity, successful IPO, and venture capital into a program. It has resulted in systematic, result-based, and easy-to-implement modules for small and medium enterprises' international fundraising.


Why we started ACMF?


It is about solving the "Taxi Driver Syndrome" of small and medium enterprises, the climate crisis, and improving world peace. 


Taxi Driver Syndrome is about the challenge of small and medium enterprises that are not sustainable, scalable, and investible. The business owners must continue to work hard to survive, and the business exit available to them is usually unprofitable. The long-term career security of their employees is highly uncertain. It is unbearable to imagine one has to look for employment in their 50s because the previous company closed down due to Taxi Driver Syndrome. 


The climate crisis is going to affect the lives of more than 3 billion people. The gravity of the issue could be about their life and death. 


Due to the emerging economic power of the East and the different ideology from the West, the chance of war that potentially ends the human civilization becomes higher compared to decades ago. 


We strongly believe the synergistically international combined efforts of business owners, investors, regulators, and talents are critical in improving the well-being of everyone in a long-term sustainable manner. An ill-managed working relationship of those elements could lead to self-cannibalization progress and even to the extent of destructive rivalry. We believe we could play a significant role in creating a synergistic collaboration among the key business elements in making this world a better place for all of us. 


Core Values of ACMF


Be Customers Centric

Everything we do is help the customers to solve their problems and to achieve their business milestones effectively. 


Be Positive

The world is not always perfect. We may not have all the resources needed to achieve the desired outcomes. Focus on what we could achieve; be aware and be at peace with what we could not. 


Be Progressive 

We will go beyond the existing scope of work to achieve the goals regardless of the challenges and uncertainty we must endure. Don't waste resources or time on irrelevant things to our mandates. 


Be Empathic

Be mindful of others' conditions. We treat others the way we wish to be treated. The world is large enough for all of us if we are aware of the synergy and sensitive to adversaries. 


Be Respectful 

No one is perfect. Respect everyone's strengths and be aware of their weaknesses.

ACMF Core Product & Services
International Private Fundraising Readiness
International Private Fundraising Readiness

International Private Fundraising Readiness

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Revenue Modelling Management Consultation
Revenue Modelling Management Consultation

Revenue Modelling Management Consultation

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ESG (Circular Economy Centric)
ESG (Circular Economy Centric)

ESG (Circular Economy Centric)

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Events & Testimonials

International Private Capital Market Get Together

Feedback of the last get together.

10% - It is extremely beneficial

90% - It is benefiting me



Credit Suisse defines private markets as investments in equity and debt of privately-owned companies and selling their stake at a later stage through buyout, IPO, or trade sale. It allows the companies to access liquidity as an alternative to conventional financial mechanisms. 

Bain & Company reported USD 2.9 trillion in global dry powder. There is still a USD5.2 trillion unmet financing need (International Finance Corporation). There is an untapped opportunity of more than USD 8 trillion globally. 

It is no surprise because most companies are under-prepared for private fundraising. One of the main contributors is the difficulty accessing experienced service providers such as chartered accountants, chartered secretaries, fund-arrangers (aka fundraising agents), fundraising advisors, fundraising auditors and fundraising lawyers. 

The service providers need to work together to strengthen the ecosystem if we wish to tap into the unmet financing need and expand the market size. 

IPCM (International Private Capital Market) is a non-profit initiative to bring together fellow industry players in the private capital market to strengthen cross-countries collaboration, increasing the quality of services. To be more effective in achieving our clients' goals. As a result, more companies will explore using the private capital market to grow their business. That will contribute to the growth of the market size of the private capital market. It will benefit all.  


*Goals of IPCM*

  1. To complete the private fundraising transactions and achieve their mandates in the shortest time possible. 

  2. To increase the market size of the private capital market.

  3. To improve world peace. 



  • Introduction of IPCM

  • Self-introduction by the participants

  • Short sharing by Mr. Leonard (CFA from Trident Law, Singapore): Variable Capital Company (VCC) The Alternative Structure for Fund Setup in Singapore

  • Q&A 

  • Breakout rooms topics (networking and discussion):

    • >> Your preference for private fundraising: ordinary shares, preference shares, convertible notes or others? Why? Pros & Cons. 

    • >> Are your private fundraising projects affected by climate regulation? How? 

    • >> Have you started using blockchain or NFT in your private fundraising projects? Pros & Cons. 

  • Sharing by the participants about the above topics.


Delivery Media: Zoom Meeting


Please Apply Your Seat at:   


(Estimated time to complete the registration form: less than 2 minutes)



IPCM Website 1.png

Private Equity and Venture Capital Opportunities in China

"中国私募股权与风险投资的机遇. 外资进入中国参与股权投资的主要途径".  


主讲人: 谢欣 律师

                 杜可 基金管理人


谢欣律师,北京金诚同达律师事务所合伙人 。谢欣律师在资本市场、私募基金以及投资并购等领域深耕多年,对于资本市场中的上市前重组、监管要求、问题解决模式;对于私募基金的投资端、募集端以及合规端的相关法律事务以及监管要求;对于并购交易中的法律尽职调查、交易结构设计、交易谈判均有相当的经验和积累。谢欣律师曾经长期服务过的客户包括:高盛亚洲、摩根士丹利亚洲、美银美林、中信里昂、汇丰前海、浦东科投、半导体大基金、ARM加速器基金、钰浩资本、四维资本、Redford投资集团、开工大吉、ESR、美团点评(中国市值第三大的互联网大消费领域的龙头公司)、麦克韦尔(第一家电子烟香港上市公司)、高测股份(国内光伏切割设备龙头企业)、步锐科技(呼气诊疗设备企业)、上海百佳妇产医院集团(民营的妇产科专营医院龙头企业)、英孚英语教育集团等金融机构、上市公司、初创企业等,涵盖了半导体、集成电路、TMT、医药健康以及消费领域等行业。


杜可,谷银国际投资基金管理(北京)有限公司 杭州总经理






WE WON!    
The Top Position of Unicorn Pitches Indonesia! The World Largest Startup Pitch Contest!

Congratulations Abuzz Wellness for winning the prestigious Unicorn Pitches Indonesia (The World Largest Startup Pitch Contest). 


ACMF is proud to be the lead advisor of Abuzz Wellness private fundraising project; leading the client from no fundraising SPV to a winning fundraising architecture, leading the entire architecture design, fundraising strategy, investment mandates compliance, and pitch flow simulations.  

Image by Ameer Basheer

Testimonial to ACMF ADVISORY by Abuzz Wellness

This consultancy with ACMF Advisory has been a co-creative, competency building, continuous journey of comprehensive preparation with the ultimate goal of going IPO in next five years,

They have prepared us for our fund raising  phase by revamping our structure, refining the business model,

evaluation & bridging of the gaps in the financial projections. The discussion calls have been regular , precise & methodical. Our special appreciations to the consultants Mr. Lewis & Mr. Er, who are available even on weekends and late nights. Their support to us on the WhatsApp group is prompt positive and pushing us to take actions.

We are confident, definite, and enthusiastic  to raise funds to scaleup, become successful & grow into a profitable company , with ACMF ADV,


Wendy & Dr.Pramod


Abuzz Wellness Sdn Bhd

Image by Kevin Butz

ACMF Talk at Bursa Malaysia

ACMF Talk at Bursa Malaysia "Fundamentals of Successful Fundraising Readiness, IPO Readiness; and, Methods to Increase Company's Future Valuation"


ACMF Talk at Cradle

It is great to have the opportunity to support the investees of Cradle. Sharing with them about the regional mandates of fundraising and IPO-Readiness.

CRADLE Malaysia

Testimonial from Mr. Daniel Loke, Executive Director of Octopus Marketing Sdn Bhd

Daniel Loke, Executive Director, Octopus Marketing Sdn Bhd, “ACMF IPO-READINESS SEMINAR has really opened my eyes to a profitable IPO exercise that could potentially help me to grow my company into a RM700 million enterprise, which explained why so many investors are keen to acquire my company. My company can be many times more valuable than what we thought possible. ACMF has provided guidelines to achieve this goal. Thank you very much ACMF. I highly recommend this seminar to any entrepreneurs who are thinking of IPO.”

Bicycle Against a Red Wall

Testimonial from Mr. Kent Tan, CEO, Nanyang Expertise Sdn Bhd

Kent Tan, CEO, Nanyang Expertise Sdn Bhd, “The IPO Readiness Seminar was a great workshop and experience for me as I received many insights and enriched by the contents delivered. It was very informative and educational for me to understand more about IPO readiness and the advantages of being listed.”


About Nanyang Expertise Sdn Bhd

Nanyang Expertise Sdn Bhd (720749-A) is a company incorporated on 12th January 2006 to deal in quarry products, sand, red earth, trading of building materials and transportation. Our company has been providing excellent service for over 10 years and we deliver to various regions of the states including Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Kuala Lumpur etc. Along with long – term strategic support from our transporters, we have more than 100 tipper trucks moving on the roads to fulfil your orders in most efficient way.  Besides that, our vision is to be integrated transportation company with the goal to serve the logistics needs and provide the best service to our customers. Apart from that, we established great work relationships and business opportunity with our clients and supplier not only provides reliable service but to continually exceed expectations and goals. As well, our objective is to offer great quality service at great price.

tractor on construction site

Singapore Exchange (SGX) and ACMF IPF Joint Talk



"Fundamentals of Successful Fundraising, IPO-Readiness, and Listing on SGX (Singapore Exchange)"​  


IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange) ACMF IPF Joint Talk

IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange) and ACFM Online Joint Talk about, "Fundamentals of Successful Fundraising Readiness, IPO Readiness; and, Methods to Increase Company's Future Valuation"

IDX ACMF ADV Online Talk


The first place of Startup Pitch Battle of Indonesia Startup & Tourism Insight

Congratulations Abuzz Wellness, for winning the prestigious award. 

ACMF is honoured to be the lead advisor of Abuzz Wellness's private fundraising project since the formation of the fundraising SPV and the entire fundraising architecture design. 

two women hands up standing beside body

Bursa (Malaysia Stock Exchange) ACMF IPF Joint Event

Stock Exchange of Malaysia and ACMF IPF Joint Talk about "Fundamentals of Successful Fundraising Readiness, IPO Readiness; and, Methods to Increase Company's Future Valuation"

Bursa ACMF Joint Online Event

China Hainan Sanya CBD Administration and ACMF IPF Joint Talk

Business Opportunities in Sanya (Hainan, China)

China Sanaya Joint Talk

ACMF IPF Global & AnswerKeyPh Philippines

How to Use Private Fundraising To Grow Your Business Exponentially and Internationally

AnswerKey Web 01.png

Private Free Talk (Indonesia): The Latest Indonesia Tax Regulation That's Attractive to Domestic and Foreign Companies, and How to use private fundraising to grow your business exponentially and internationally?

(Organised by ACMF IPF South East Asia, ACMF Private Fundraising South East Asia, and Justinus A Sidharta CPA Firm)

* Introduction to International Private Fundraising 

* Key Stages in Private Fundraising

* Pros and Cons of Private Fundraising

* How to use fundraising to gain a competitive advantage and position the business owners for a profitable exit

* The latest development of Private Capital Market globally

*  The Latest Indonesia Tax Regulation That's Attractive to Domestic and Foreign Companies