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ACMF is cofounded by more than 10 co-founders from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom after its first formation in the year 2017.  

The co-founders have experience in more than 10 successful IPO (Initial Public Offerings), successful fundraising projects of more than USD4billion, and supported more than 55 industries. 

We have consolidated our experiences and methods we have used in capital market regulation, investment banks, private equity, successful IPO, and venture capital into a program. It has resulted in systematic, result-based, and easy-to-implement modules for small and medium enterprises' international fundraising.

Why we started ACMF?

Is about solving the "Taxi Driver Syndrome" of small and medium enterprises, climate crisis, and improving world peace.  


Taxi Driver Syndrome is about the challenge of small and medium enterprises that are not sustainable, scalable, and investible. The business owners have to continue to work hard to survive, and the business exit available to them is usually unprofitable. The long-term career security of their employees is highly uncertain. It is unbearable to imagine one has to look for employment in their 50s because the previous company closed down due to Taxi Driver Syndrome.  


The climate crisis is going to affect the lives of more than 3 billion people. The gravity of the issue could be about their life and death. 


Due to the emerging economic power of the East and the different ideology from the West, the chance of war that potentially ends the human civilization becomes higher as compared to decades ago. 


We strongly believe the synergistically international combined efforts of business owners, investors, regulators, and talents are extremely important in improving the well-being of everyone in a long-term sustainable manner. An ill-managed working relationship of those elements could lead to self-cannibalization progress and even to the extent of destructive rivalry. We believe we could play a major role in creating a synergistic collaboration among the key business elements in making this world a better place for all of us.  

Core Values of ACMF

Be Customers Centric

Everything we do is helping the customers to solve their problems and to achieve their business milestones effectively.  


Be Positive

The world is not always perfect. We may not have all the resources needed to achieve the desired outcomes. Focus on what we could achieve; aware and be at peace with what we could not. 


Be Progressive 

We will go beyond the existing scope of work to achieve the goals regardless of the challenges and uncertainty we have to endure. Don't waste resources or time on the thing that is irrelevant to our mandates.  


Be Empathic

Be mindful of others' conditions. Treat others the way we wish to be treated. The world is large enough for all of us if we are aware of the synergy and be sensitive to adversaries.  


Be Respectful 

No one is perfect. Respect everyone's strengths and be aware of their weaknesses.

ACMF Core Product & Services
International Private Fundraising Readiness
International Private Fundraising Readiness
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Valuation Advisory Services
Valuation Advisory Services
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ESG (Circular Economy Centric)
ESG (Circular Economy Centric)
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